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Underground Communications (Leaky Feeder)

The use of Underground communications (Leaky Feeder) technology has developed significantly over the past few years. GCS use and are a sole distributer for the Tunnel Radio range of Leaky Feeder products. GCS have over the years been involved with or maintained all types of systems from a variety of manufacturers. and have designed, supplied and installed many Underground Leaky Feeder Communications systems throughout Australia. This places us in a unique position of having knowledge to be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of different systems from a “hands on” in the mine point of view. We have learned where the pitfalls are and can advise our clients accordingly, dependent on their short term and longer term needs.

Our on-site involvement with these systems is not limited to the voice component alone, but is generally expanded to major data and video systems. We are able to offer the capacity to develop optional control and management packages for specific client applications. General off the shelf packages are also available.

With all systems we have installed, close relationships have developed with key site personnel, which still exist today. Through consultation and idea sharing, the systems we currently manage have solid maintenance regimes in place, are kept abreast of technological advancements and are upgraded as required with leading edge technologies.

All of this allows us to provide a service or system that is not only reliable, but extremely cost effective.

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Typical Components

Typical Leaky Feeder System

Typical Leaky Feeder System

A leaky feeder system expands a classical two-way radio repeater system into underground mining and other tunnel environments. It consists of a cable run along declines, drives and levels which emits and receives radio waves.

In contrast to the surface, underground mines are not opened spaces where the radiated signal by an antenna can reach every corner. Leaky feeder, or also called radiating cable, is designed to overcome this difficulty, acting in effect as a long antenna. Leaky feeder refers to a long coaxial or radio cable that radiates the RF signal along it. This characteristic allows continuous communications along tunnels and branches can be created if necessary

Leaky Feeder Components

Main Components of a Leaky Feeder System

The basic building blocks of a leaky feeder system. Yellow blocks are active components and green blocks, passive components. Active devices use energy and are not limited to the blocks shown.

Other devices can be part of a leaky feeder system; for example, tracking location devices, environmental monitoring sensors, telemetry control, and more specific circuits.



Tunnel Radio Headend


Tunnel Radio Headend 4 or 8 port UHF or VHF.The head end combines transmits and receives signals, adapts their impedance to the same as leaky feeder cable, and injects power to the cable. It also gives the interface to connect the leaky feeder cable and manages different branches for multiple leaky feeder outputs.

PDF Download TR-IFU2-RR-28V Brochure



Amplifiers increase the radio signal in both directions. The TR-159-PLUS amplifier represents the next generation in Tunnel Radio’s line of IP compatible Mine Wireless technologies. This digital capable workhorse sets a new standard in wireless communication systems.TThe amplifier’s high linearity improves multi-channel performance and is compatible with digital modulation mobile radio schemes. Future-proof your investment utilizing TR’s diagnostics and our proven Integrated RFID Tracking in-unit options. The TR-159-PLUS system is a full generation ahead of other systems on the market.

PDF Download TR-159-PLUS Brochure


Wireless Mine

Tunnel Radio Wireless Mine