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IC-F1100D / F2100D Series

IC-F1100D / F2100D Series

The IC-F1100D and IC-F2100D IDAS™ digital handheld units improve on the past performance of the IC-F1000D and IC-F2000D as well as setting a new standard in digital communication

This model continues Icom’s reputation for high power audio clarity with a leading edge 1500 mW speaker. These compact handheld radios are also waterproof, dustproof and come with a long lasting battery for those times when communication matters. The digital handheld units are available in three designs which are Simple version with no display or keypad (IC-F1100D & IC-F2100D), simple keypad and display version (IC-F1100DS & IC-F2100DS) and Full keypad and display version (IC-F1100DT & IC-F2100DT).