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Rothenbuhler Remote Blasting Systems

GCS is a sole distributer and repairer of the Rothenbuhler Engineering Range of Remote Blasting systems for Australia. Allowing Blasting Engineers to safely initiate blasts for up to 10km, the Rothenbuhler Range of Mining designed blasting systems are perfectly placed to work in Australia's harsh Mining environments. Significantly reduce your costs by eliminating excess lead-in lines between the explosives and the initiator.

Applicable for Surface Blasting and Underground Mining applications via a Leaky Feeder System. Available features such as Sequential Firing, Motion Detection and GPS to increase safety and production.

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Download 1670 Remote Firing Device Brochure

  Fire up to 8 remotes with dual output (electric or Shock tube)
Designed for Australian Mining conditions. This model is the newest within the Remote Blasting System family and can be expanded to 64 remotes.

Download 1673 Remote Firing Device Brochure


Download 1674 Remote Firing Device Brochure

  The junior of the family. An economic option but just as rugged and efficient as the rest. 2 Remotes and Shock Tube only

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  GCS also offer Loan systems while your system is being serviced just ask one of our friendly sales staff.